Who is The Man from Taured? An alien from another universe?

The Man from Taured

The Man from Taured story is a mystery happened long back in
Haneda Airport, Tokyo Japan. It was a nice afternoon in one summer day in July 1954 in Haneda Airport. These days Haneda Airport is commonly known as Tokyo International Airport.

Passengers from an inbound airline got out from the airplane and collected their luggage and proceeded towards the customs check.

While all the officers and staffs were doing their usual duty, one particular person caught the attention of one of the immigration department staff. The person was looking normal as others and was carrying a leather briefcase along with luggage bag. The passenger’s first language was French, also he was able to speak Japanese. The officer at the immigration department doing his job asked for the passport from the gentleman.

The officer got shocked when he saw the passport issuing country was Taured, that he had never heard of. Although the passport contained various immigration stamps from different countries and even the stamp of Japan immigration department. The passport looked completely valid except the country Taured.

With the help of the airport police, the man from Taured was immediately detained, and the airport police took all his belongings into custody. In one small detention room inside the airport, police asked many questions to the strange person to know the details about his county and the purpose of journey to Japan.

The Man From Taured Airport Image

The traveler mentioned that was his third trip to Japan in that year and never encountered such problems.

With curiosity, the officers showed that man a world map and asked him to find out his country. The man was confused and pointed to a place between France and Spain where the principality of Andorra exists. As per him, Taured was supposed to be there. The person even showed his home country’s currency and driver license to the officer in charge. He also claimed his country Taured exists for more than thousands of years and it cannot vanish from the map. Though everything looked legit, the officers were still confused with the country named Taured.

To investigate further, the police tried to call the company where he claimed to have a business meeting and found that did not exist. The hotel where the man was supposed to be staying during his visit to Japan confirmed that there was no reservation for him.

As all the investigations turned against the strange person, the officers decided to house arrest the person in one hotel, on the top floor of the airport and dig further into the case. Two guards were instructed to guard and not allow the man to go out in any case. After several hours when the senior officers knocked on the door, there did not get any response.

When the officers opened the door, they found the mystery man from Taured was vanished along with all his belongings. There was no one went out except the room service. Even one cannot jump out of the window as that was a six-story building and the height would kill the person. All the officers were astonished and clueless that day after such incident.

When the news spread in the country, few scientists started relating the story with the concept of the parallel universe where scientists believe people similar to earth exist but in another dimension.  Some even suspect the mystery man to be a time traveler.

While the researchers and scientists speculate the mystery man as an alien from a parallel universe, the man from Taured story still remains a mystery to the world.

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