[FIX] Stop Airtel Flash Messages Service in 2020

Stop Airtel Live Flash Messages

This article will help you disable/stop Airtel flash message if you are using Airtel network for your cell phone. I can understand the frustration of getting sales advertisements and I am sure after going through this article, you will be able to stop Airtel flash services on Android phones.

What is Airtel live service and flash message?

Airtel Live services are the paid services offered by Airtel that you can avail of based on your requirement. These services include hello tunes, win prizes in contests, astrology, cricket, news, jokes, spiritual alerts and many more. You can visit official website of Airtel to get more details. Once you subscribed to these services, you will get pop-up notifications on your home screen.

Why these services are annoying?

If you really want to subscribe to any of these services, then it’s good. But if you do not want to subscribe to any service then it is very annoying, because it continuously pop-ups notification messages regarding these services. And sometimes you accidentally get subscribed to these services while receiving the call or checking important update notifications. Once you click on these notifications you end up losing money from your account.

First, it is really annoying if you do not want to subscribe to any service and second, if you accidentally click on it, you will end up paying money. To avoid this, it is better to disable these notifications.

Continue reading this article to get rid of Airtel flash message completely.

4 Ways to Stop/Disable Airtel Live Flash Messages service

There are 4 ways using which you can stop Airtel live flash messages service on your Airtel SIM. We recommend you to follow these methods sequentially.

1. Send SMS to toll free number (stop Airtel services flash through message):

This is the easiest way to get rid of Airtel Flash Services. You just need to send STOP SMS to toll-free number 155223. This is a toll-free number, so you will not be charged for sending SMS to this number.

You will get a confirmation message once the flash service is stopped. It may take around 1 hour to process your request.

2. Stop Airtel flash service using SIM Toolkit

If above method does not work, then try this method to stop flash services for Airtel in android.

There are two ways to stop Flash message using SIM Toolkit.

Stop Airtel Now Service Using SIM Toolkit application:

Please follow below steps to deactivate flash service using SIM toolkit

  1. Open SIM Toolkit application
  2. Select Airtel Now
  3. Select Start/Stop option
  4. Click on Stop option

You will get confirmation message that “Airtel now! Has been Stopped”.

stop Airtel flash message

Note: You can also send SMS STOP ANOW to 58234, to stop Airtel Now service.

Force Stop SIM Toolkit application:

  1. Go to Settings and select Apps
  2. Select Manage apps option
  3. Search and select the SIM Toolkit application
  4. Click on the Force Stop option to stop the SIM Toolkit application which stops Live flash messages from Airtel.
disable airtel live flash service

3. Using USSD Code:

If the above two methods, do not work, then try deactivating the services using USSD code to disable Airtel Live flash messages.

USSD stands for “Unstructured Supplementary Service Data”. You can also call them quick codes. Using these codes, you can quickly access information about the services available on your SIM.

Follow below steps to disable Airtel live flash services using USSD Code

  1. Open Dial pad and dial *121#
  2. Open Other Services
  3. Open Start/Stop services
  4. Stop the required services.

4. Start DND:

Before trying this method, make sure you have tried all the above-listed methods. Because starting DND service is a harsh method to disable flash messages.

DND stands for Do Not Disturb. DND stops all the additional paid services that are enabled on your SIM from the network service provider. It is not just Airtel but applies to all others as well.

You can easily start DND service by following below simple step:

Send SMS “START 0” to 1909 to activate DND service.


These are all the steps you can stop Airtel flash message and the live service from your android phone.

We hope, using one of the above methods, you are able to stop the annoying pop-up flash messages from network providers like Airtel.

We would like to hear, which method really worked for you. Do let us and others know your experience in the comment section.

Enjoy Pop-up free mobile. Cheers !!!


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