About Me

I took a lot of time in thinking about what to write about me and the blog. Why someone will even read about me.
Well, if you are on this page, I do not want you to scold me for not writing anything about me.

I am an IT engineer with enough experience in the field I work in. Till now, I never cared about anything around me, I know there will be a bunch of people around you who will always try to pull your legs. If you think, what people will think about you, probably you may not get the courage to start anything for yourself.

I always think the brain is so small that I do not want to feed my brain with unwanted things happening around me. If you keep ignoring few things, that will and surely will lead to a better life.
I always wanted to learn new things and used to write down in my diary. In my college time, suddenly I became a crazy gamer and spent a few years of my career. These days, I am not playing games anymore, probably became old enough :P.

Without playing games, got so much free time, so I started digging scientific facts but this time I wanted to share that with everyone, so started a blog. At least, the articles can help like-minded people and need your support in sharing with everyone who seeks knowledge.
For any kind of suggestions and feedback, please feel free to send the details through Contact Us form.
Thanks for tolerating me :).

Priyabrata M