Best Selling Musical Instrument in the World

In today’s world, you can find many musical instruments, some are simple while some are complex in structure. Some are huge whereas some are small producing music in their unique way. With the growing world of the music industry, people are playing music with electronic keyboards and computers. But do you know “what is the world’s best selling musical instrument?” and most popular among almost all people in the world?

If you are wondering which is the best selling musical instrument in the world, probably you will be surprised to know.

Best Selling Musical Instrument:

The best selling musical instrument in the World is Harmonica. It is a free reed wind instrument with small holes in one side of it. This small musical instrument is blown using lips and depending on the energetic blow, the harmonica produces music with different pitches.

Harmonica is popular among all generations of people and is widely used in many genres such as blues, folk, pop, and rock & roll music.

Best Selling Musical Instrument - Harmonica
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This popular musical instrument is very small, cheap, and easy to play; this is the reason it has become the best selling musical instrument in the world over time. It produces different frequency ranges of sound(notes) when you blow it with your mouth.

History of Harmonica:

The harmonica is originated from China during ancient civilization and was in use from 2500 BC with the name Chinese sheng. With time, it has got its popularity in Europe during the 19th and 20th centuries.

With the growing popularity in Europe, the Americans started using the harmonica and later it spread all over the world.

In different countries, the harmonica is named differently e.g. mouth organ, mouth harp, hobo harp, French harp, harpoon, reckless tram, etc.

Hohner, the manufacturer of harmonica has reportedly sold over a billion harmonicas to date since its establishment in 1857. This is quite a big number which makes the harmonica the most popular and the highest-selling musical instrument as compared to others.

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Types of harmonica:

Based on the way the harmonicas are played, there are three broad types.

  1. Diatonic
  2. Chromatic
  3. Tremolo

There are also harmonicas with 10, 16, 24, 32, 48 holes in it. The more the number of holes, the more melodious and combinations you can play.

How to play harmonica:

Okay.. it is a small musical instrument, but you can play numerous types of music by adjusting the blowing through your mouth.

The different notes can be played by blowing into the holes or by breathing in. Each hole has a high pitch that its previous hole. In a single hole blowing into the hole play a particular note whereas breathing in plays the next note. Though the pattern reverses for the last few nodes, this is the very basic way of working.

That’s all about the world’s best selling musical instrument, the harmonica.


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