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Batman Riddles and Answers to Challenge Your Brain

Hey folks. If you are looking for Batman riddles, here are some challenging riddle for a brain exercise. Do let us know how many riddles you were able to solve...
Best Selling Musical Instrument - Harmonica

Best Selling Musical Instrument in the World

In today’s world, you can find many musical instruments, some are simple while some are complex in structure. Some are huge whereas some are small producing music in their unique way. With...
Warmest Ocean in the World

Warmest Ocean in the World [What & Why]

The warmest ocean in the world is the Indian Ocean. The Search Results National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration (NOAA) has recorded the highest long term ocean temperature for the Indian ocean with...
US State Abbreviations

AP Style State Abbreviations & State Postal Abbreviations

Probably. You may not be aware of AP style state abbreviations if you are not a journalist or a PR professional. The AP style is based on the guidelines...
El Salvador

65 Fun and Interesting Facts About El Salvador

If you are looking for fun and interesting facts about El Salvador, this post is for you. We have done a fact check from authentic and official websites to get these 65...
India Map in the World

115 Interesting Facts about India you didn’t know

India is a land of ancient history and has many cultures associated with it. Along with its rich history, there are many unknown facts, fun facts about India that will blow your mind.
why clock is set at 10 10

Why the clock shows 10:10 in advertisements?

You might have seen the default 10:10 time in almost all clock advertisements. Have you ever wondered why the clock shows 10:10 in almost all photos? The reason behind...
Moai - Easter Island Thumbnail

The Moai of Easter Island: A complete details about the giant stone heads

You might have seen these large stone heads in computer wallpapers. Have you ever wondered what are these large stone heads and is it real or just some photoshop like most others? Yes, the...
Halal meaning

Halal meaning explained in simple words: Halal vs Haram

Whenever I go to some restaurant, most of the time I see halal mentioned near non-vegetarian menus. I knew it is some process related to Muslims but...