Why the clock is set at 10:10 in advertisements?

You might have seen the default time as 10:10 in almost all clock advertisements. Have you ever wondered why the clock is set at 10:10?

Before jumping into the answers, let’s know about a few of the myths first.

  1. When the first watch was built, the time was 10:10. So, to remember that time, all the factory version of clocks and watches set 10:10 as their default time.
  2. To remember the deaths of Abraham Lincoln/John F. Kennedy/Martin Luther King Jr. who were shot at the same time. Even, I had heard this same story when I was a kid :). There is no relation of 10:10 with the deaths of these world known politicians.
  3. Even few people think at 10:10 AM, The United States of America detonated two nuclear bombs on Japanese cities Hiroshima and Nagasaki during World War II. To memorize the victims, all the clocks are set to 10:10

Why the clock is set at 10:10?

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Now let’s check out the facts about setting the clock time to 10:10


The hands of the clock are in a perfectly symmetrical position which looks pleasant. This is kind of a marketing strategy to attract a potential customer.

Clear visibility:

The hands of the clock do not overlap giving a clear visible look on the timepiece. Almost all the times, the secondary dials are at 3 and 9 position and will not be obscured by the position of the hands.

Logo position:

Generally, the company logo is placed below 12. At 10:10 position, the hands provide a nice framing to the logo.
If the watchmaker’s logo is placed above 6, then 08:20 can be a good position for the hands.

Happy smiley:

At ten past ten, both the hands are in such a place that the timepiece can be represented as a smiling face. But the position 8:20, looks similar to a sad face.

The Timex watch company used to set 8:20 as their default time earlier. But now they have changed the standard time to 10:10 to give a happier look to the clock/watch.

Number 10:10

The ten past ten positions can is represented as a ‘Victory’ symbol as well as the ‘Tick’ mark which is more appealing to the people.
The number 1010 is called angel number which represents spiritual development and enlightenment.

Here is a list of watchmakers with their respective standard time.

Watchmaker Standard time
Apple 10:09
Timex 10:09:36
Bell & Ross 10:10:10
Rolex 10:10:31
TAG Heuer 10:10:37

If you are clear on the reason behind setting 10:10 as a standard time, please share it to the one who seeks knowledge.


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