Halal meaning explained in simple words: Halal vs Haram

Whenever I go to some restaurant, most of the time I see halal mentioned near non-vegetarian menus. I knew it is some process related to Muslims but never knew exactly the meaning of Halal, What is halal? How halal meat is prepared? Here I have tried to cover everything about halal by doing research and taking help from my Muslim friends.

Halal meaning:

Halal is an Arabic word and in Islamic terms, it means allowed or permitted. In simple words, halal food is clean and good for consumption.

The halal menus in restaurants mean that the animal is properly slaughtered as per the Islamic way is known as Zibah or Zabihah.

Here are the points that need to be taken care of while preparing halal meat.

  1. Prayer to Allah by the butcher as below.

         Bismillah IrRehman Nirrahim which means Doing in the name of Allah who is kind and forgiving.

  1. A Muslim should perform the slaughter
  2. A natural diet must be given to the animal or bird (The animal or bird must not be dead prior to slaughter)
  3. One animal must not see the other being slaughtered
  4. A very sharp knife must be used and should be four times the size of the neck
  5. Slit the animal’s throat first by the sharp knife with a single swipe for less pain
  6. The animal must be hung upside down to get the blood drained completely
Halal - Crescent M Symbol

In the United States of America, the Islamic Food and Nutrition Council of America use Crescent M symbol for certified halal food. The council certifies Islamic foods based on its ingredients and the way of preparation.


For Islam, Mashbooh means doubtful or suspect. If one is not sure about the slaughtering process or the ingredients used while preparing the food, then those items are considered as Mashbooh.

There are few ingredients that can be prepared from animals or from plants as well; in that case, it is difficult for someone to understand if the food is Halal or Haram.

Islamic laws always recommend people not to eat any Mashbooh foods in order to protect their religion.


Haram is the opposite of Halal which means forbidden or prohibited for Muslims. In simple words, food which is not good for consumption.

Any meat which is not prepared through the halal process is haram and as per Quran, the holy book for Islam religion, all Muslims should avoid haram foods.

For example, pork and alcohol are haram for Muslims.

There are so many examples like gambling, share market future and options, the meat of dead birds or animals is Haram to Islam religion. If you use vegetables without washing it, then it can be considered as haram.

Is Halal Inhumane?

While many people think Halal way is the most inhumane way of slaughtering an animal, but there are many organizations claim that it is the most painless killing of an animal.

Let’s not discuss religion and make controversies, but the topic “Is Halal Inhumane” is debatable. Keep the religion aside and think about it. Your unbiased comment is most welcome.


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