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India Map in the World

115 Interesting Facts about India you didn’t know

India is a land of ancient history and has many cultures associated with it. Along with its rich history, there are many unknown facts, fun facts about India that will blow your mind.
why clock is set at 10 10

Why the clock shows 10:10 in advertisements?

You might have seen the default 10:10 time in almost all clock advertisements. Have you ever wondered why the clock shows 10:10 in almost all photos? The reason behind...
Moai - Easter Island Thumbnail

The Moai of Easter Island: A complete details about the giant stone heads

You might have seen these large stone heads in computer wallpapers. Have you ever wondered what are these large stone heads and is it real or just some photoshop like most others? Yes, the...
Halal meaning

Halal meaning explained in simple words: Halal vs Haram

Whenever I go to some restaurant, most of the time I see halal mentioned near non-vegetarian menus. I knew it is some process related to Muslims but...
No Shave November

No Shave November facts that no one tells

Every year you must have noticed during November, your friends, colleagues and even including celebrities celebrate No Shave November and post photos with the beard on social media sometimes with hashtag #noshavenovember. Well, if you...
The Man from Taured

Who is The Man from Taured? An alien from another universe?

The Man from Taured story is a mystery happened long back in Haneda Airport, Tokyo Japan. It was a nice afternoon in one summer day in July...
Ancient Egyptian Pyramids

The Ancient Egyptian Pyramids: Everything you need to know

When we think about pyramids, the Egyptian pyramids and the Great Pyramid of Giza comes into our mind. The Great Pyramid of Giza is the most ancient construction among the seven wonders...
Are Aliens Real

Do aliens exist? Are we alone in the Universe?

Are we alone? When you look at the stars in the sky, have you ever wondered if there is life beyond earth? Do aliens exist? Here, we are not talking about only green headed aliens...
How much water should I drink a day image 1

How much water should I drink a day? 4 mistakes you should avoid now!

We have seen people telling to drink water as much as possible; few people tell to drink more than 8 bottles of water or sometimes we are asked to drink whenever our body demands....